Coyote Cleaning Systems

Concrete Cleaning Specialists

Let our team service your scrubbing project.

Concrete scrubbing by Coyote Cleaning Systems is ideal for parking garages, sidewalks, and warehouses.

Coyote Auto Scrubber Machine


  • No flooding the floor
  • Complete water control
  • Dirty water pick up and removal
  • Minimum leakage through floors
  • Minimum stress on concrete
  • Easy on painted lines and arrows

Be kind to your concrete surfaces, Coyote Cleaning Systems' machine generates 200 degree water and scrubs the entire area with brushes. Reducing the need for strong chemicals and the strain that other pressure systems can cause.

This machine also picks up the cleaning water for proper disposal. Keeping it out of our delicate sewer and storm systems.

The COYOTE Propane Auto Scrubbers are powered by Briggs & Stratton engines converted to propane. This machine is a conventional auto scrubber "Plus", because of high brush horsepower, a phenomenal stripping machine.

"Plus" with this brush horsepower it has the ability to run diamond, carbide, and sanding plates for concrete preparation for coating or for some coating removal.

The COYOTE is not just an auto scrubber, it’s a machine that finally gives its owners unmatched versatility and productivity.